Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kick- boxing treats!

I had been asked to make something for my Kickboxing class so i made muffins as a pre- Christmas treat! But as you can see the crazy patterns on the muffins are due to the fact that I do have some problems with presentation........

The piping bag which I have is ancient and all the butter from the icing was leaking out of it and creating a sticky mess on my hands!

Here is one of the best ones of the batch! anyway after that awesome workout no one regretted eating one of these!!

Wanted urgently: an icing gun and  piping skills!!!!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

"A party without cake is really just a meeting"

- Julia Child

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Confused cake- presentation problems!

For my friend's half birthday lunch I wanted to make the most fantastic and decadent cake..... BUT.........

The sponge cake came out lovely with all the layers...
BUT.. the chocolate ganache was a holy mess!! turns out amul packs cream and milk in a tetra pack which looks the SAME!!!!
So the icing was too watery cos of the milk and I did not mange to cover the sides of the cake!

But people said they liked it! Or maybe they were being polite ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nutella cookies! and some fresh fig jam!

Decided to break the monotony of upma for breakfast and made a lovely fig jam. Really easy, just chop up some fresh figs and boil together with some spices,honey and lime juice.. It was DELICIOUS!!

Next came a recipe that i had saved earlier.. Nutella rolls.. My very helpful brother also converted pounds to kgs which thankfully was so off I had to double check. Or else ended up with 2 kgs instead of ounces of bitter for 1 cup of flour Which was a bit disastrous at first cos there was no electricity and they needed to chill in the fridge. So it was a mess when I rolled it up with the Nutella. Have not taken a pic of the roll as it its a bit embarrassing.. And untidy!

But once it was rolled and chilled again.. the cutting was easy. Hence the cookies which are not circular but are a bit squashed!
And as usual a tad bet overcooked. But all in all, very CRUNCHY and they taste like butter biscuits!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Follow Up

Every time I come online i cannot resist the urge to go to my favorite website which my dear friend Pushpi put me onto! The pictures are so delectable and the recipes pretty easy to follow.
These days I will be busy.. Yes, FINALLY I have a job to do which may just help save the environment. Though right now it involves a lot of writing mails and getting literature together. I'm not complaining!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The bug takes flight!

Here it goes! At long last i have decided to put my thoughts and ideas on food up online.. because until now its all been in my head. So hopefully this blog will review all the places in Bangalore that I have eaten a at along with all the food I bake/cook!
Vanilla Cupcakes- Nigella

Just yesterday my grandmum sent a whole bunch of recipes which she had found in these old Womens weekly journals. Going through them I realized that the old style of cooking is not for me. I would prefer to read recipes online and modify them as I go along. For example I made the most delicious chocolate muffins with a peanut butter filling. And I used hung curds instead of sour cream which resulted in the most creamy mousse like batter! Heavenly! And I ate most of them!