Friday, May 27, 2011

In the kitchen of the singing chefs..

It’s been awhile I know!! Far too long and so much has happened!

I have been training in a bakery at Hotel X just in order to a perspective of life in a commercial kitchen. Been used to baking at my own pace and in my own kitchen that I realised that if I am going to pursue this as a career I need to know what I am getting into!

And so started the 10 hour shifts, aching feet and muscle pain. Along with all of that came the experience of seeing things being done in bulk. At first I was so shocked by the vast quantities of butter going into the mixer but now I’ve become a pro at flipping half kg chunks into the mixer to be creamed into cookies.

My days have been revolving around rolling cookies, melting chocolate, arranging garnishes and pulling things out of the cold room. On occasion I do get to garnish the desserts that go out for the buffet.

One of the Negative aspects is that all the instructions I get are in tamil! Which as you can imagine leads to a constant state of bewilderment on my side. Thus everything has to be repeated and numbers have to be shown on fingers, which mean I’m not much of a help when everything is under pressure and deadlines are to be met. It’s amazing how the chefs lose their tempers so easily and just yell at everything in sight and then two minutes they are back to singing and joking around.

I know I’ve learnt a lot and I can see myself doing this in the future. As long as I’ve got a song on my lips and my languages in place I know I’ll be fine!

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