Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time for Plan B

The last month has been full of ups and downs. The major low was not getting into any of the colleges I had applied to for Marine Biology as I did not have the "profile" they were looking for. There is no way that we here in India can do such a variety of subjects at the undergrad level!
But the truth is I was strangely not too affected by the rejections. So maybe my destiny had been leading me to other directions! The direction of Baking and Pastry arts and this blog should have been an indicator of that..

So.... on the first of May, 2011 a friend and I are having a baking stall at a local Kitsch Mela and the menu includes:

  • brownies
  • chocolate muffins with a chocolate ganache topping
  • chocolate crinkle cookies
  • pumpkin cake
  • banana cake
  • chocolate tarts
As you can see that is a lot of sweet and chocolate so we are going to balance it out with assorted canap├ęs with the following fillings:

  • corn with creamy spinach 
  • tomato and basil
  • mushroom and caramelized onions
I hope we can sell all that we make!!

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